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Chef @ Godavari Restaurant

This restaurant serves traditional south Indian vegetarian dishes + authentic Telugu dishes like Upma Pesarattu. The second part of the show has highlights of Annamacharya Aradhana.

Telugu Vahini - Toronto

This is a group of dedicated Telugu people whose interest is Telugu Literature. For people who love Telugu literature this is a must attend event of Toronto.

Annamacharya Celebrations - 2

Though organised by seniors, it was Telugu youth that were given the prime stage space. Lovely evening.

Annamacharya Celebrations - 1

Organized by the Telugu Seniors society of Canada, this event was graceful, executed with calm wisdom.

Telangana Night in Toronto

Telangana Development forum organized the "Telangana Night". This show captures the highlights of the event.

Manabadi Markham

This show features the Manabadi school at Markaham. A new batch of students show off their Telugu skills. Teachers speak as well, and so do parents.