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Toronto Police & Other

We present a series of chats with Toronto Police on important subjects. In addition this show features a cook show by kids and few classical dance and song performances

Three cultural performances

Organized by Mrs.Roopa Sree of Ottawa, this dance series connects artists from coast to coast of Canada

Ram Mandir: Ayodhya / Toronto

A video in celebration of a historic event. Hosted by Mrs.Lakshmi

Dhoni Special

Telugu cricketers of Toronto, team up to discuss one of the greatest cricketers of our time, Mr.Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Corona - Introspection

15th July: During this corona times, we are ranting over a few Telugu issues that needs a minor fix.

Jagannath Temple

Hosted by Mrs.Sravanthi and coordinated by Mrs.Avanthi, this show features the Jagannath temple at Brampton. For those who have not gone to Puri, this is a nearby option.

Telugu Scholar

This fine gentleman blends classic Telugu art and literature with modern north American living. Hosted by Mrs.Lakshmi Rayavarappu

Info for Intl students

Experts in the field chat with Mrs.Lakshmi Rayvarappu on benefits for students in COVID times.

Ugadi 2020

Songs presented by students of Mrs.Harshitha Manyam & Dance presented by students of Mrs. Anupama Mantrala. Hosted by Ms.Vani Rishika Vure. Congrats to the teachers, students and parents for their efforts.

March 3rd 2020

This coverage has two segments, 1- A initiative for a Telugu Temple in Toronto 2- A brief chat with producer & director & actor Mr.Uday Kalluri

Telugu Christmas

Organized by Bobbili Family - Toronto


Ace Telugu swimmer, that crossed good milestones.

Singer Parijatha

Interview with Mrs.Parijatha - Singer. Hosted by Mrs.Lakshmi Rayavarappu.

TDF Leadership!

Subsequent to their last event, the new leadership of TDF visited our studios

Interview with Prerani Dance Artist

Organized by TDF, happy to present a interview with a unique classical dance form of Telangana / Andhra. Hosted by Mrs.Lakshmi Rayavarappu.

Interview with Visual artist

Ms.Supreetha Tiru is a skilled painter artist with a drive and is establishing herself as a painter in Toronto. In discussion with Mrs.Pavana Swetha

శ్రీ కృష్ణ దేశికా జీయర్ స్వామి

Interview లక్ష్మీ రాయవరపు with శ్రీ కృష్ణ దేశికా జీయర్ స్వామి

Ugadi 2019

Hosted and organized by Mrs.Avanthi Sahitya, this was done by a team of highly energetic ladies & kids who stayed for long hours to do the shoot. Happy Ugadi

Republic day@ Panorama India

Hosted by Ms.Harsha Deepika, this show features a collage of cultural events

A great weight loss story

Meet Mrs Panna, whose story is truly inspiring. Hosted & arranged by Mrs.Appu

Toronto Police..

This show covers info on police recruitment in Toronto and a interview with a Telugu writer. Hosted by Mrs.Pavana Swetha.

Toronto Telugu Artist

Toronto has many Telugu artists pursuing arts out of passion. Art is such a diverse world and many pursue it with solitary passion, bringing joy to themselves and to the world.

Navaratri Special

A special navratri show organized by Mrs.Lakshmi Rayavarappu. Hosted by Harshitha Rayavarappu

Mrs.South Asia Runner up

Telugu people have been making a mark for themselves in Toronto. we feature a interview with Mrs.Bharghavi Kallakuri who was crowned the runner up as Mrs.South Asia. Hosted by Mrs. Pavana Shwetha.

A collage of 3 happenings

1) Milton area Seetha Rama Kalyanam 2) Two songs from Annamayya aradhana & 3) Comedy skit by Mrs.Lakshmi Rayavarappu & Team

Annamacharya Aradhana - 2018 - Toronto

Organized by the Telugu Seniors society of Canada, it was a successful event. Hosted by Ms.Maanasa Guda.


An age old concept from India modified to Canadian context. Organized by Canada Telugu Network

3 Nice segments

We had Interview with Mr.Manav Realtor,about tips while selling a home, A elegant dance performance by Mayuri Dance Academy & a lovely song by Ms.Ananya. Hosted by Mrs.Vidya Buddharaju

Banjara Restaurant Interview

This was a interesting interview with a successful Telugu business owner of Toronto. Interview by Mrs. Chaitanya Madhu & Hosted by Mrs.Vidya Buddharaju.

Hollywood Best wishes

This show has 1) Interview with Ms.Melinda on her hollywood journey 2) Song by Ms.Ananya and 3) Comedy skit by Mrs.Rayavarppu and Team. Hosted by Mrs.Vidya Buddharaju.

Seetha Rama Kalyanam

This was a memorable Seetha Rama Kalyanam event at Richmond Hill Hindu Temple. A key point was the excellent hospitality they provided to Sunshine TV. Hosted by Ms.Laasya.

Sai group & Manabadi Sadassu

The Satya sai group world chanting video footage was done by themselves. Thanks to them. Manabadi segment hosted by Mrs.Krishna Chaithanya.

Canada Chinnari Pillalu

Conceived and hosted by Rajendra Telangana, this was our first attempt in this genre. It needs a few technical tweaks which we promise to fix it in future shows.

Sankranthi -2018

Show Details: 1) Song by Ms.Ananya Vissamraju 2) Pravachanam by Shri Tatta Srinivasa Chakravarthi 3) Muggu class for Kids by Mrs.Rukmini Madduluri. 4) Classical Dance by Mayuri Dance academy. Hosted by Mrs.Vidya Buddharaju.

December Show 2

Show Details: This was a new year evening show 1) Two comedy skits by Mrs.Lakshmi Rayavarappu and Team 2) Kids Classical singing 3) Joint hosted by artists.

December Show 1

Show Details: 1) Interview with Mr.Manav the realtor 2) Classical singing by Mrs.Vaishnavi & Keerthana 3) Gita 24 - By Shri Tatta Srinivasa Chakravarthi. Hosted by Mrs.Vidya Buddharaju

November Show - 2

Show Details: Highlights of Deepvali by Vancouver Telugu association 2) Comedy skit by Mrs.Lakshmi Rayavarappu 3) Viral video - Vacchindi. Hosted by Mrs.Vidya Buddharaju

Deepavali - 2017

Hosted by Ms. Mihika & Anvika, the show features, Deepavali Pravachanam by Shri Tatta Srinivasa Chakravarthi + Songs by Ms.Bharghavi, Ms.Neha & Classical Dance performance by Students of Natya Kala Manjari

October Show 1

Show details: 1) Highlights of Manabadi Run 2) Classical dance performance 3) Report on Indian cultural dressing 4) Movie review - Spyder

August Show - I

Show Details: Highlights of Dhoom Dhaam 2) Classical dance performance 3) Waterman of India and 4) Movie news

July Show II

Show Details: 1) Interview with Potha Raju, 2) Semi classical performance, 3) Seed woman from Tamilnadu and 4) London Babulu Movie information.

July Show I

Show Details: 1) Highlights of Book release by YLP 2) Bharatanatyam Dance 3) The tree woman & 4) Cinema news

Art of Living & Other new Segments

This is the first show with 3 of 4 new segments: మన సంగతులు ,మనవారి ప్రతిభ ,మంచి వార్తలు & సినిమా ముచ్చట్లు. This show does not have మనవారి ప్రతిభ.

Seetha Rama Kalyanam @ SVBF

18th June: Narrated by kids with some nice songs . Hosted by Mrs.Avanthi Sahitya

Manav Kale Realtor - Advertisement

Pleased to present the first commercial of Sunshine Television. Thanks to all the people who made the advt possible.

New Kind of programme

28th May 2017: Skit by Venelamma + Manabadi annual competition + Mother's day message

Dr.Nellutla Naveen Chandra

18th March 2017: Interview with author, activist, motivational speaker. This time he talks on the role of India in world war 2. Hosted by Gopala Krishna

Telugu Talli - E-magazine

7th March 2017: Featuring an interview. Editor Mrs. Lakshmi Tarangalu interviews the founder Editor of the Telugu magazine of Canada Mrs.Saroja Komaravolu.

Highlights of 3 Events

19th Feb 2017: Telugu participation at Republic day celebrations organised by Panorama India + Sankranthi by TCAGT + Sankranthi Teenmaar by TCA: Hosted by Mrs.Sahitya Avanthi.

Happy 2017

16th Jan 2017: We present the review of Sunshine TV programmes over the years and start our first show for 2017. Hosted by Mrs.Sahitya Avanthi.

Annamacharya Aradhana -2

10th Dec 2016: The telecast for this show was overdue. Features back to back dances for the same song. Plus key performance led by Mrs.Cherla Sastry. Hosted by Mrs.Sahitya Avanthi.

Sai Mandir Mississauga

It was a international event. Simultaneous prayers were held in Sai Temples across the world. Temple Address: 1190 Mid-way Blvd, Unit 13, Mississauga, ON L5T 2B9 / Ph: (647) 204-4761

Shri Dhiraj Barla

Interview with our Telugu : multi-lingual singer. Yes from Andhra but sings in many Indian languages. Hosted by Mrs.Sahitya Avanthi.

Miss Harika Kalluri

Mana Pilla Miss India Canada lo participating. This is her appeal to people to vote for her under the People's choice segment: E-vote ikkada cheyyandi!

Navaratri @ Toronto

This show features the richness of Telugu culture captured in Toronto. The shoot was done in two locations. The kids and the organisers did a wonderful job. Hosted by Mrs.Avanti Sahitya.

Omni TV- 2nd Show

We have two lovely interviews. One with Shri Bhagiah of RSS who was visiting Toronto as a guest and another with Mrs.Brinda Murlidhar, film maker on her maiden film Knot Not.

Omni TV - First show

Starting September we have moved to Omni 2. so the coverage area is now Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Welcome to a almost all Canada coverage.

BrahmaSri Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma garu

This is the Pravachanam of Day 2. We were very keen on getting a clean shake free video with good lighting, and also a crisp audio with no ambient noises.

Annamacharya Aradhana 2016 Part - 1

The seniors are leading the way in organising events. Event related emotions were navigated to calm waters under their watchful caring guidance.It was a pleasure video recording.

BrahmaSri Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma garu

Pravachanam of day 1. It was a nice spiritual interlude. His pravachanams have the effect of cleaning the cobwebs of the mind and reviving the inner innocence.

Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad

He was a career politician, writer & wrote to bridge the literary worlds of Telugu and HIndi. Bit controversial, mostly secular, but a strong advocate of Telugu language.

Telangana Night - Curtain Raiser

This was perhaps one of the few occasions were events had a curtain raiser. Guess it was a pretty good idea on the part of the organizers.

Prajna - Ugadi Special

Thanks to the Prajna team who put together this fantastic show. The show was so professionally organized and the both, teachers and kids were flawless.

International Telugu Students

Made possible by Ms.Aparna this was a lively "chat" interview with International Telugu students who are pursuing higher studies in Toronto. It was fascinating to hear them.

Interview with Director

Interview with Director / Actor Mr.Uday Kalluri. Also features interviews with audience at the audio release event. We are proud that this was telecast on the morning of the movie release.

Manabadi Milton

Under the Manabadi banner and ably administered by Shri Gangadhar Sukhavasi, this initiative has now classes in multiple locations across GTA.

Chef @ Godavari Restaurant

This restaurant serves traditional south Indian vegetarian dishes + authentic Telugu dishes like Upma Pesarattu. The second part of the show has highlights of Annamacharya Aradhana.

Telugu Vahini - Toronto

This is a group of dedicated Telugu people whose interest is Telugu Literature. For people who love Telugu literature this is a must attend event of Toronto.

Annamacharya Celebrations - 2

Though organised by seniors, it was Telugu youth that were given the prime stage space. Lovely evening.

Annamacharya Celebrations - 1

Organized by the Telugu Seniors society of Canada, this event was graceful, executed with calm wisdom.

Telangana Night in Toronto

Telangana Development forum organized the "Telangana Night". This show captures the highlights of the event.

Manabadi Markham

This show features the Manabadi school at Markaham. A new batch of students show off their Telugu skills. Teachers speak as well, and so do parents.

Manabadi Mississauga

Manabadi has 4 locations across GTA. This show gives viewers a glimpse of Manabadi school at Mississauga. This centre is managed by Shri Sreeram and his family.


Little and cute pranathi who is in Montessori school sings some Ganesha songs. Hosted by Ms.Sudha Ayalasomajula. Features New York raja school of Music & Shri Ram Vakkalanka.

Ambika Yoga kutir

Ambika Yoga Kutir is very unique, in the sense they teach authentic and original yoga. In the spirit of their founder, they do it all without charging a cent for their classes.

Harmony Theme Dance

Mile sur Tera Humara Organized by Mr.Arun Kumar Layam, Mrs.Deepa Sairam and Team

Thokkala Pachadi

Pachadi tricks from her mother in law are shared with us. | This show also features The Datta Yoga center in Toronto. Hosted by Ms.Sudha Ayalasomajula.


shri Chinna jeeyar & Shri Sama Vedam Shanmukha Sastry. We present small highlights of their visits. This show is hosted by Mr.Ashwin Kumar.

Sita rama kalyanam

Sita Rama kalyanam, was organized at the Sringeri Vidya Bharathi Temple by Shri Sukhavasi. This show also has little Ms. Alankruta cooking Onion / Bendakai fry.


Organized by the Telangana people of Toronto, this was a spirited event held in an open park. It has the enthusiasm of the new born.

Ugadi from Toronto

Highlights of the event organised by one Telugu association of Toronto. Telugu associations of Toronto vie with each other to organise lovely events.

2 in 1 Special :)

This show has highlights of picnic organised by Telugu alliances of Canada, & also of 25th anniversary celebrations of Telugu cultural association of greater Toronto.